Cave Club Releases “A Thousand Miles Away”

Cave Club has just released their latest single, “A Thousand Miles Away” a pop song that blends joy and melancholy in a way that captures both the heart and soul. According to Cave Club’s own words, the song carries a “pendulum-like motion that swings back and forth, and this dynamic propels the entire composition forward.”

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Joy with a Hint of Melancholy

When we asked Cave Club about the inspiration behind the song, he shared his love for creating music that explores the contrast between lyrics and melody. He aims to convey joy with a hint of melancholy, and “A Thousand Miles Away” is a masterful example of this. The song captures joy in its lyrics while carrying a poignant melody and arrangement that takes the listener on an emotional journey. We at KMR are impressed by this musical masterpiece characterized by its unexpected and captivating nature.

From Stage to Studio

Cave Club has already performed the song in live settings and found it incredibly enjoyable to sing in front of an audience and hear their response. “They recognized it and really liked it, which was incredibly fun.” Therefore, Cave Club found it exciting to finally record it in the studio so that more people can enjoy the song.

According to Cave Club himself, the bridge in the song is something quite special, both from a musical and lyrical perspective. At the same time, he emphasizes that the choruses always form the heart of his songs and convey the most meaningful messages in his lyrics.

Expectations for the Release

Before the release of “A Thousand Miles Away,” Cave Club is looking forward to seeing how the listeners will embrace the song. He hopes that the “digital” audience will experience the song in the same way as the live audience who have already had the privilege of hearing it.


Artist: Cave Club
Text & Music: Jan Wallmark

Production – Jan Wallmark
Mixing –  Filip Killander
Mastering – Filip Killander

Dolby Atmos Mix
Filip Killander – Learn more

Recording Studio
BRUM – Production, KMR Studios – Mix & Master


Jan Wallmark: Guitar & Vocals
Anders Hansson: Keyboard
Linus Hansson: Bass
Pär Hansson: Drums
Fredrik Hansson: Trumpet
Anders Hansson: Trombone
Hermann Hansson: Saxophone

Executive Production

Graphic Design: Filip Killander
Recording Year: 2023
Release Date: November 10, 2023
Editors: Ella Frick, Erik Almqvist
Record Label: KMR Studios
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Mixed and Mastered in Dolby Atmos

This production has been mixed and mastered in Dolby Atmos. KMR Studios is one of the few studios in Sweden that's actually certified by Dolby. This means that both the studio room and the technician working on the music meet international high standards.

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