Cave Club

"The most fun thing is that I simply become happy regardless of my mood before I start creating. Music is also a way to connect with like-minded people."

Cave Club - A Musical Journey

Blazing Inspiration

Jan Wallmark, better known as Cave Club, has a rich musical history that dates back to his childhood vinyl records. His passion for music has led him through a series of band projects, including NoovelsChina FunVision Gallery, and Dickmans Drängar. Jan and his band members have given us many memorable live performances. One concert became particularly unforgettable when a fire broke out, which fortunately did not lead to any serious damage (except for the bass drum…). With local hits like “Foreign influence” and “The new age”, Jan and his bands have made an impact in their immediate surroundings, and now he continues to inspire as the solo artist Cave Club.

Better Late Than Never

Cave Club is current with the upcoming album “Better Late Than Never”, which will be released on Midsummer 2024. The album is expected to be a mix of rock, pop, soul, and reggae, and carry the signature feeling of happy melancholy that Cave Club is known for. Six well-crafted songs that fit for all occasions, from road trips and sun loungers to workplaces and workouts.

Future Prospects

With a constant strive to unite joy and creativity, Jan Wallmark looks forward to continuing to touch listeners around the world with Cave Club’s music. And we at KMR could not be more excited to release this amazing collection of songs!

Released by KMR Studios