Cave Club

"The most fun thing is that I simply become happy regardless of my mood before I start creating. Music is also a way to connect with like-minded people."

Solo project

Cave Club is a project with Jan Wallmark, who is one of the members of the band Mondy Monday, who has also released music with KMR Studios. As he writes the music and lyrics in both of these projects, you can hear similarities between them, and as a listener, you are struck by a sense of nostalgia and joy with his easily digestible lyrics and catchy melodies!

"The music is a blend of rock and pop with elements of soul and reggae. I am inspired by different types of music styles, which makes my own music more diverse!"

Musical passion from childhood

Cave Club is a Swedish artist who carries an inner passion for playing and creating music. Even as a child, he got hold of his first guitar and created his very first song, "Monster och andar." One of the earliest musical memories is when Jan and a friend, at the age of 5, performed in front of their parents. He played the guitar and sang while his friend used cookie tins as drums. Despite being only five years old, Jan began to see the joy in expressing himself through sound and music!

Creativity & music

Cave Club's music is a dynamic fusion of rock and pop with influences from soul and reggae. He finds inspiration by listening to different music genres and artists, and the most rewarding aspect is that music creation has the ability to bring joy, regardless of the emotional state he is in. Music also serves as a channel for creating a sense of connection with like-minded people. Cave Club's goal is to reunite with old bandmates and resume performing in front of an audience.

Cave Club is back with new music! On November 10th, 2023, he will release his second single, 'A Thousand Miles Away'!

Released via KMR Studios