Christafar-i releases his new single Manifest From How I Speak (Freestyle Mix)

“Manifest From How I Speak” blends the futuristic sounds of cosmic trap with the gritty energetic beats of grime. The result is a powerful immersive, high energy musical experience. “Manifest From How I Speak” was written by Christafar-i and produced, mixed and mastered at KMR Studios.

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The spiritual journey 

Chirstafar-i describes how the song came about. He had just started The Ultimate Abundance Accelerator course which gave him the spiritual tools to master the laws of attraction, including breathwork and meditation. With this mindset he overcame doubts and started sharing his music while receiving instant signs that he was on the right path.

A song filled with energy

When we asked him how he felt about recording and finishing the song, his response was simple yet profound.“It was nuts as it landed on a full moon and the whole creative process to make the beat was fire, it was so much fun and high energy”

What we like about the song is that it is a vibrant and energetic creation filled with a cool dynamic beat and pulsing rhythms that drive the listener forward with an almost irresistible force. Or, as Christafar-i so accurately said “The energy is nuts”

Spreading positivity through music

Christafar-i find it gratifying to be able to share his energy and messages with the world. The feeling of knowing that his music is bringing light and positivity into people’s lives is so fulfilling. We can’t wait to hear more.


Music Production

Artist: Christafar-i
Text & Music: Christafar-i
Engineering: Filip Killander – Production, Mix & Master 
Dolby Atmos Mix: Filip Killander – Read More
Studio: KMR Studios – Mix & Master

Participating Musicians

Christafar-i: Rap
Filip Killander: Programming, keys, drums & bass

Executive Production

Photo: Christafar-i
Graphic Design: Filip Killander – Read more
Year of Recording: 2023
Date of Release: 2023 05 26
Editor: Ella Frick
Record Label: KMR Studios
About Christafar-i Listen to the Music

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