Only Jay releases his debut single “EN MOT ALLA”

Songwriter and rapper Only Jay releases his debut single “EN MOT ALLA” (One Against All). The authentic and powerful hip-hop song offers a personal and deeply touching lyrics that resonates with listeners. The song was recorded, produced, mixed, mastered, and released through KMR Studios.

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Explosive song with a deeper meaning

Only Jay wrote the lyrics for “EN MOT ALLA” about a month before stepping into the studio:

“I freestyled the song to a friend. He really liked it and encouraged me to release it. It was an amazing feeling to hear that my music could touch someone in that way.” 

“EN MOT ALLA” is a song that stands out in the hip-hop genre with its unique sound and energy. At the same time, the lyrics provide a deeper and more personal dimension, creating a delightful contrast to the explosive music. The high energy level and infectious rhythm make “En mot alla” a song that is easy to get hyped and dance to.

Looking towards the future

Only Jay describes the feeling of completing “EN MOT ALLA”. “It’s always a great feeling to finish a song, and I would say I’m really excited for the next project. There’s nothing as motivating as seeing the result of all the work you put into the studio, and I feel more inspired than ever to continue creating new music.” Something we at KMR Studios are also looking forward to.

Only Jay is excited to see how his debut song will be received by listeners and what reactions it will evoke. “It’s important for me to listen to feedback from my listeners so that I can improve my music for the next song. I’ve already started planning for my next track and look forward to continuing to evolve as an artist.” We’re excited to hear more!

Only Jay on working with KMR Studios

“Working with Filip has been an amazing experience. The collaboration was smooth, and we had a great vibe in the studio that made it fun to create music together. What I found most memorable was shooting the music video, where I had a clear vision, and Filip helped me bring it to life.

We worked together as a team, and the result turned out exactly how I envisioned. I would definitely recommend working with Filip to anyone looking for a creative and enjoyable music experience.”

KMR on working with Only Jay

“I felt an instant connection with Jay, which is not something I take for granted when working with new artists. It made the whole creative process so fun and easy. What also contributed to that was Jay’s clear vision of what he wants to achieve in the studio, while also being humble and flexible when collaborating with others. Needless to say, it’s a great foundation for creating exciting music of high quality!

It was really cool to be part of the entire journey from idea to recording, to Dolby Atmos, to the music video, and now finally the release! I’ve been looking forward to adding this banger to my own playlist!”
– Filip Killander

Artist: Only Jay
Text & Music: Only Jay
Production, Mix, and Master: Filip Killander
Dolby Atmos: KMR Studios / Filip Killander
Cover Art & Canvas: Filip Killander 
Music Video: Filip Killander
Recording, Mixing, and Mastering Studio: KMR Studios
Year of Recording: 2023
Release Date: 2023-05-24
Record Label: KMR Studios
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KMR Studios - Dolby Atmos

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