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Elton Gustafsson

Bring Back Your Life

Release: February 12th, 2021


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Elton about his debut single:
Bring Back Your Life is about not giving up on one’s dreams. It’s about not giving up on the purpose of life. It can either be a wake-up call for oneself or an extending hand for someone else.

I am a thoughtful person, and the song was born from different situations, people, and thoughts that came to my mind during a time when I was not feeling mentally well. I wrote the lyrics as if someone else wrote them to me; the song became a wake-up call for myself. I remember talking to a friend, and she mentioned that it’s essential for everyone to shine, and that word stuck with me and became a starting point for the song.

Artist: Elton Gustafsson
Songwriter: Elton Gustafsson
Producer: Filip Killander
Mix & Master: Filip Killander
Photo: Elton Gustafsson
Artwork: Filip Killander
Release Date: February 12th, 2021
Artist - Elton Gustafsson - profilbild

“I am an emotional person and a thinker, and that’s probably what led me to start writing lyrics and melodies.”

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