Cover - Lupuz J. Jump feat filip killander

Lupus J.

Jump (feat. Filip Killander)

Release: February 19th, 2021


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The release is about taking each day as it comes. Dare to be adventurous, dare to seek freedom. The starting point for the song was when Jan, the man behind Lupus J., heard “Born To Be Wild” for the first time. “It created so many vivid images within me; suddenly, there was a song.”  

The release also features songwriter and artist Filip Killander, contributing with various instruments and vocals. The song “Jump” is the result of a collaboration conducted 100% remotely during 2020. Jan is located in Piteå and Filip in Uppsala, and both describe the collaboration as successful and a lot of fun!

Artist: Lupus J.
Songwriter: Jan Nilsson
Producer: Filip Killander
Mix & Master: Filip Killander
Artwork: Filip Killander
Release Date: February 19th, 2021
Lupus J - profilbild

Behind the name Lupus J. we find musician and songwriter Jan Nilsson. At the age of six, Jan found his mother’s guitar, and ever since, music has been an essential part of his life.

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