Elton Gustafsson

I am an emotional person and a thinker, and that is probably what led me to start writing lyrics and melodies. I don't have a specific recipe for how I write songs; they just come to me. I start singing and realize it's a melody I haven't heard before. Then I grab my phone and record it... and that's how it goes!

As an artist, I would say I'm quite reserved. I'm not a fan of being in the spotlight. What I enjoy and find fulfilling is conveying emotions and singing.

I would describe my music as a fairy tale, a poem with a melody, where the lyrics take center stage and there is a clear thread running through them.

My biggest sources of inspiration are Pernilla Andersson and Laleh. Partly because they have beautiful voices, but mostly because I feel that I can relate to them. I sense that, like me, they want the lyrics to play the lead role in the song. Moreover, it feels like they are driven more by their love for music rather than the pursuit of fame.

I make music because I enjoy it. It's my way of expressing a part of my thoughts and emotions. Above all, I want people to feel understood and maybe, in that way, less alone.

To me, music is like a hug, a comfort in the moment. If I can make someone feel less alone or understood, then I have succeeded.

Releaserdvia KMR Studios