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Freddie Hoffa

Figure Me Out

Release Date: November 27, 2020


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The debut single “Figure Me Out” is a feel-good, laidback hip-hop song with a beat that immediately makes you want to groove along. It’s about a guy who is taken by surprise when meeting a girl who is unlike anyone he has met before. The entire song is like a narrative of the inner conflicts that arose during the encounter, thoughts about who she is, and what she might be after. The lyrics are both clever, funny, and honest, and it’s hard not to smile at several moments.

When asked about how the song came about, Fredrik responded:
I was sitting in my home studio in the middle of the night after a 30th birthday party, browsing through beats, and suddenly it just happened. As soon as I heard the beat, I knew the melody I wanted. Out of pure excitement, I stood up on the office chair and recorded the entire hook in one go. The verse came shortly after. Then the lyrics were ready.

“Figure Me Out” is released by the Uppsala-based record label Killander Music Records, and it was recorded in their studio (KMR Studios).

Artist: Freddie Hoffa
Lyrics: Fredrik Hoffman
Vocal Production: Filip Killander
Mix & Master: Filip Killander
Photo: Maja Lindberg
Release Date: 2020-11-27
Publisher: KMR Studios
Artist - Freddie Hoffa - Promo 1 (PROFIl)

Every month since the debut single “Figure Me Out,” the Swedish rapper/songwriter Freddie Hoffa is releasing a new single. Each single continues to highlight the versatility and creativity of him as an artist.

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