Freddie Hoffa

Every month since the debut single ”Figure Me Out” the Swedish rapper / songwriter Freddie Hoffa is releasing a new single. Every single keeps on highlighting the versatility and creativity of him as an artist. With a lifetime of influences from the American Hip-Hop scene Freddie Hoffa have managed to find his own unique style of lyricism and delivery. It’s refreshing to hear how different the singles are, while still feeling coherent to one another. There’s no wonder why the buzz around Freddie just keeps getting louder. Follow Freddie on his Instagram to keep up with his exciting journey through the music industry.

Released via KMR Studios

No Ringer

On June 25, 2021, rap artist Freddie Hoffa’s new song No Ringer will be released. [...]

Eyes Open (feat. Jennifer Sällström)

On May 21, 2021, Freddie Hoffa will release his long-awaited song Eyes open in collaboration [...]

I Can’t

Always switching it up with new fresh tunes Freddie Hoffa now gives us this bouncy [...]

Alone Sometimes

Freddie explained how the song was created: "The first start for the song was when [...]

What About It

Following the adrenalin rush that is ”Groove” comes the mellow and heartfelt single ”What About [...]


On January 22, 2021, Freddie Hoffa will release his third single via us at KMR. [...]

Remember Me (feat. Filip Killander)

Remember Me is about something that many of us can relate to: the decay of [...]

Figure Me Out

The debut single "Figure Me Out" is a feel good, laid back hip hop song [...]