Invitro is releasing their debut album In His Dirt

On the 4 of August 2023, Invitro is releasing their debut album “In His Dirt”. After almost 10 years their finally doing it. KMR Studios have mastered the album.

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The Band & their Sound

It all started over 10 years ago when the first members of the band wanted to play some music. Already at the beginning, song writing became the natural way to go. During these years the band has changed members but the interest and love for rock has always remained.

The album is mainly inspired by the 90s alternive rock but you can find influences of metal and progressive rock in there.”

Invitro describes the album as a collection of both new and old. Different members means different approaches and exciting sounds. They have tried to focus on the heavy and dark feeling in the music but still bring out melodies and the dynamics. This combination complements each other in a good way. 

Song writing & Recording

“We have worked on some of the songs during several years, it’s been a crooked road with some frustrated nights. Some days we wanted to just quit and give up but we are very happy with the result and to finally be done for release!”


Now when it’s all wrapped and done Invitro is happy with the resultat and looking forward to releasing everything. They are even talking about more music and that is exciting!


Music Production

Artist: Invitro
Lyrics & Music: Invitro
Engineer: Invitro – Production, Filip Killander – Mix & Master
Dolby Atmos Mix: Filip Killander – Read more
Studio: KMR Studios – Mix & Master

Exekutive production

Graphic design: Filip Killander – Read more
Release date: 2023 08 04
Editor: Sebastian Christiansson
Record label: KMR Studios
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