Ranston Releases “Density of Burden”

Rock band Ranston proudly presents their long-awaited EP “Density of Burden,” an experience that blends the power of rock with the emotion of blues. The EP takes us into a musical world that oscillates between intense hardness and stripped-down vulnerability. The sound is rich in dynamics and characterized by honesty and a raw energy that never leaves the listener untouched. In certain tracks, the rock sound is intensified with an aggressiveness and weight that make the speakers resonate.

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Describes feelings from their late teens

The album’s songs originated during Ranston’s late teens, between the ages of 17 and 20, and captures the emotions and experiences that marked that period. Inspired by their own surroundings and the vulnerabilities and pains that are often hidden, Ranston establishes a strong connection to the reality many people experience every day.

Something we at KMR Studios appreciate about the album is its energy and honesty, an encapsulated feeling that stands over time. Every note and every word tells a story, something that is challenging to achieve but they succeed in a brilliant manner. We are convinced that listeners will feel the same.

Passion, Creativity, and Hard Work

When we asked Ranston about recording the album, they replied “Entering the studio is always an exciting experience. Even though the songs are composed and prepared, they take on a new form in the studio. That’s where we can experiment, explore new sounds, and add the final touches that elevate the songs to a new level.”

The album truly expresses all the hard work, passion, and creativity that Ranston practice everyday. Releasing the album is like handing over a piece of themselves to the listeners. The band is looking forward to sharing their sound with more people, and we are excited to follow them on their journey.


Music Production

Band: Ranston
Text & Music: Kim Bergqvist, Mattias Hahlin
Technician: Filip Killander – Master
          Viggo Olsson- Recording, Mix
          Hampus Sjöstedt- Recording, Mix
Studio: KMR Studios – Master
   Linnaeus University: Recording, Mix

Featured Musicians

Kim Bergqvist: Guitar 
Nicholas Nieminen Jönsson: Piano 
Manfred Sjöstedt: Bass 
Mattias Hahlin: Vocals 
Hampus Sjöstedt: Drums, Sound Producer
Viggo Olsson: Sound producer

Executive Production

Graphic Design: Kim Bergqvist, Filip Killander – Learn more
Photo & Video: Family members from Ranston
Recording Year: 2022/2023
Release Date: 2023-08-11
Editor: Ella Frick
Record Label: KMR Studios
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