Kaye-Anne releases the single: The Ocean

Sea waves, acoustic guitar, and captivating lyrics introduce us to Kaye-Anne’s hypnotic sound. The single is the first of two leading up to the debut album “Odes to Nature, From Sweden With Love”.

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Kaye-Anne talks about the release

On March 24th, Kaye-Anne debuts with the song “The Ocean.” The music was created by the skilled composer and guitarist Siddhi Johan Sundt (Uppsala, 2006). The lyrics were written and adapted by Kaye-Anne to fit as the theme song for a musical she put together. In 2022, the song was re-recorded by Rasmus Bilow at KMR Studios in Uppsala.

Kaye-Anne on her debut single

“This song is written as a theme song about my next musical, which will be about an acoustic girl who lives and breathes music. The girl is surrounded by people who love her and feel that they need to control every aspect of her life in order to protect her from the outside world.

As with my musicals, it chronicles what is happening around the world at the same time as the story is a metaphor for world politics. The music is composed by Siddhi Johan Sundt, a composer from Uppsala who composed it in 2006 for one of his classical guitar students, Anna. The Swedish title of the music is “Quietude” or “Stillnad” in Swedish. I took guitar lessons with Siddhi for a few years and had always thought I wanted to write lyrics to “Quietude” as soon as I heard it.

I was very happy when Siddhi gave me permission to use his music as the theme song for the musical. In this song, the scene would be a mermaid, singing to a tired child who has fallen asleep.

When writing this song, the unfortunate “Putin” war in Ukraine had begun and in the news, one hears about the uncertainties of the direction military might in countries like China and North Korea could take.”


Music Production

Artist: Kaye-Anne
Text & Music: Kaye-Anne, Siddhi Johan Sundt
Technician: Rasmus Bilow – Production, Mixing & Mastering
Studio: KMR Studios – Recording, Mixing & Mastering
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Contributing Musicians

Kaye-Anne: vocals, acoustic guitar

Executive Production

Recording Engineer: Rasmus Bilow
Release Date: 2023 03 24
Editor: Filip Killander
Record Label: KMR Studios
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KMR Studios - Dolby Atmos

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