Kaye-Anne releases the single “What’s Next”

A vividly descriptive lyrics and an inviting music production have quickly become what we associate with the artist Kaye-Anne. Now she is back with the single “What’s Next,” which is the second single leading us to her debut album “Odes To Nature, From Sweden With Love”.

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Japanese temples and waking dreams

“What’s Next” is a song that came to songwriter Kaye-Anne in a dream after meeting a musician who shared stories of his travels to a Japanese temple. The track was recorded by Coste Apetrea, who also improvised the guitar parts. Several years later, Kaye-Anne brought the recording to KMR Studios in Uppsala, where it was digitized, mastered, and released as both a single and part of the album “Odes to Nature, From Sweden With Love,” set to be released in May 2023.

Kaye-Anne about the release

“I was turning fifty when my marriage broke up. My only child was just nine years old. He wanted an aquarium and he bought some orange mollies with his pocket money. He was saddened with the new situation, and there was a pattern of throwing up every time he was moving between his dad and mum.

For the first time, I looked in the mirror and noticed I was no longer a young woman. I missed my family in Malaysia, and I was a bit worried if I could cope as a single mother and be far away from my family.

Two years later, I was working with a musician, and he told me a story about his visit to a temple in Japan, where he climbed down dark stairs before he reached the temple. That night, I had a dream. That dream inspired this song. Today, my child is almost twenty, and I have learned to embrace uncertainty.”

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KMR Studios - Dolby Atmos

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