Plattforms like Spotify unfortunately seem to emphasize social media-like features and deny their customers the ability to listen to high-resolution music. However, this gives the opportunity for challengers like Apple Music to sweep in, offering us listeners a premium experience. This experience brings higher resolution and in new formats (Dolby Atmos).

A platform for the future

Price & Availability

First of all we can begin with price. Apple Music prizes:

  • Standard: 119 kr/month
  • Family (6 persons): 189 kr/month (32kr / person)
  • Student: 65 kr/month

The service is available not only on all Apple products but also on Android and Windows. In this aspect, Spotify is very similar. Prices are the same for Standard and Student. However, Spotify’s family plan costs 199 SEK.

Sound Quality & Performance

Apple Music offers listeners the best possible audio quality on the market. To listen to the highest quality, ‘lossless’, a digital-to-analog converter is required. However, Apple Music uses a file format called AAC. This format is what is known as a ‘lossy’ format that you can easily access without additional equipment. This allows for files with a bit depth of 24 and a sample rate of 48 kHz. Read more about this here!

In September 2021, Apple introduced a new format: Spatial Audio. Simply put, it is a ‘translation’ of the Dolby Atmos format for headphones. This allows you as a listener to experience your music in surround sound – using your regular phone and headphones – creating entirely new ways to explore music! Apple introduced this alongside the enhancement of audio quality to the lossless format they use today.

In great contrast, Spotify offers its listeners the option to (if they manually go into settings and fine-tune) listen in ‘very high quality’. In terms of resolution, this is barely equivalent to a regular MP3 file. This is documented on their own website. Unfortunately, Spotify does not use MP3, or even better, the AAC format. Instead, they use a format called OGG, which is known for creating small files. However, using the OGG format results in a greater loss of information from the original file—resulting in lower audio quality.

Why I should care about Apple Music…

… as listenter?

As a listener, you should consider Apple Music if you want to enjoy your favorite music in the highest possible quality. Additionally, you can watch interviews and music videos that are easily accessible on artist profiles. Some of these videos are exclusive to Apple Music users! Their groundbreaking Spatial Audio format (Dolby Atmos) allows you, as a listener, to experience music in a new way—instead of being an audience, you find yourself immersed in the music. Learn more about what’s needed to listen to Dolby Atmos here. An extra feature of Apple Music is their Karaoke function, which allows you, as a listener, to easily lower the volume of the singer in the song to sing karaoke yourself or with friends!

… as artist?

As an artist, you want to find ways to reach out with your message and connect with the listener. On Apple Music, you get audio quality that is noticeably better compared to its competitors. The possibility of having an Atmos-version of your song uploaded creates additional ways of reaching out with your music. Even when an Atmos mix is played in stereo, the difference in terms of clarity, height, and width compared to a stereo mix is evident.
Apple Music also has special playlists for artists releasing music in Atmos. This makes it easier for you to spread your music as the competition is not as intense. Moreover, your revenue from streams is better on Apple Music compared to Spotify and YouTube. To learn more about royalties, you can read the article How do royalties work?


… as technician?

As a technician, you want your work to sound as good as possible. Apple Music can play music in lossless format. This ensures that it sounds the same as it did in your DAW in a way that is impossible with Spotify. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, Apple Music is among the highest-paying services in the market. Working in Atmos is something that Apple, along with Amazon Music and Tidal, has made possible with their services. Many of us are convinced that this format will become the new standard for music, just as it is for film and games. Learn more about how you can mix in Atmos in our article on the subject and try out the new format now!

How do I transfer playlists from Spotify till Apple Music?

It has never been easier to switch from one streaming service to another. With services like Soundiiz, which are completely free, it is quick and painless to move all your playlists and saved songs from Spotify to Apple Music.

KMR has a certified studio for Dolby Atmos!

We at KMR have a studio certified by Dolby for Atmos production! With our quality seal – Apple Digital Masters, you can be assured that your productions will be of the highest quality, free from noise, distortion, or clipping. Feel free to Contact us!

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