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Lupus J.

The Greatest

Release Date: February 11, 2022


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On February 11, 2022, Lupus J. is back with his new song “The Greatest” at KMR Studios!

One day, Jan was nailing in his cabin when a rhythm suddenly stuck in his head. He grabbed his guitar, started playing, and soon the lyrics to the song came as well. Inspired by thoughts of how strong love can be, the rest of the lyrics flowed out of him, and a new song would soon be complete.

We asked Jan Nilsson if he has a favorite part in the song, and he replied: “The intro melody to the song and the lyrics: ‘I can’t fight, It conquers us all…'”

“The Greatest” is Lupus J.’s fourth release with us at KMR Studios!

“KMR Studios is attentive and professional.”

– Lupus J.

Artist: Lupus J.
Lyrics & Music: Lupus J.
Producer: Filip Killander
Recording Engineer: Filip Killander
Mixing & Mastering: Filip Killander
Artwork & Canvas: Bea Andrés
Recording Studio: KMR Studios
Mixing & Mastering Studio: KMR Studios
Recording Year: 2022
Release Date: 2022-02-11
Editor: Hila Stefansson
Publisher: KMR Studios
Filip Killander: Vocals (lead vocals, backing vocals), drums, guitar, percussion, bass, piano, sounding producer
Lupus J - profilbild

Behind the name Lupus J., we find musician and songwriter Jan Nilsson. At the age of six, Jan discovered his mother’s guitar, and ever since then, music has been an integral part of his life.

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