Lupus J.

"Happiness comes from creation, if someone likes it, that's a plus"

From Shy Guitarist to Passionate Songwriter

Behind the name Lupus J., we find musician and songwriter Jan Nilsson. At the age of six, Jan found his mother's guitar, and since then, music has been an integral part of his life. Over the years, skills developed, and the ability to create music grew. "It was as if thoughts automatically translated into melodies." Several original songs were created, but uncertainty kept him from sharing them with others. When Lupus J. discovered the Eurovision Song Contest with artists like Björn Skifs and Ted Gärdestad, his interest in music creation grew even more. This eventually became the catalyst that drove him to continue exploring and expressing himself through music.

Pop Music with Powerful Melodies

Today, Lupus J. creates pop music with powerful melodies rooted in rock. A strong memory is when he saw Motörhead live and specifically Lemmy Kilmister. "You never forget a concert like that." He describes himself as a guitar enthusiast who simply loves melodies. His melodies are meant to touch the heart directly. The beauty of nature and thoughts and emotions within him serve as inspiration, giving his songs a dynamic and emotional dimension.

Joy Lies in Creation

Lupus J. wants nothing more than to follow his passion. The joy lies in the process itself, the creation, and constantly improving by exploring his expression. "If someone else likes it, it's just a bonus." We find this attitude incredibly important and admirable, and we look forward to follow his journey!

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