Mondy Mondays releases a double single called “Glad You Made It”

Mondy Mondays is releasing a double single with the songs “Rihanna” and “Me and You” on June 2, 2023. The songs are mixed, mastered, and released by KMR Studios. They are also available in the future audio format Dolby Atmos, which is accessible on platforms like Apple Music.

Listen to the release.

Songs & Creators

The songs are primarily pop but have elements of rock. They are upbeat and full of energy while also featuring deeper lyrics that make the listener think. When listening to these songs, one is struck by a nostalgic feeling described as a joyful melancholy.

Favorite parts are the choruses with their catchy melodies that stick in your head from the first listen. The members talk about how it was particularly enjoyable to work with the drums as they are essential for driving the song forward. And hearing how the instruments come together and create a sound that they themselves have crafted is truly unparalleled!

Inspiration & Creative Process

The members of the band Mondy Mondays have loved music since a young age. This interest has led them to start recording songs for release after a few years’ break.

“Finally writing music again is joyful, and it takes you back to when you were young. It’s a wonderful feeling to put everything into writing and record songs whose ideas have developed over a long time.”

Mondy Mondays on working with KMR Studios

“The recording process went relatively quickly. It’s in the mixing work that questions can arise. How do we do this? Are the drums too strong for the guitar? etc. Fortunately, we chose to collaborate with KMR, who provided the safety in the final mix and mastering to achieve the best results.”

KMR on working with Mondy Mondays

Working with Mondy Mondays has been a rewarding and fun process as we entirely work remotely. It’s like Christmas Eve every time I see that they have uploaded new files. Both songs on the debut mini-EP are so damn catchy and delightful to listen to. And the Dolby Atmos versions are truly the definitive versions to listen to!


Music Production

Artist: Mondy Monday
Text & Music: Mondy Monday
Engineer: Mondy Monday
Dolby Atmos Mix: Filip Killander – Read More
Studio: KMR Studios – Recording, Mix & Master

Participating musicians

Jan Wallermark: Singer & keyboard
Fredrik Hagman: Guitar & background singer
Hans Romare: Guitar
Magnus Olsson: Bass

Executive production

Graphic Design: Filip Killander – Read More
Year of recording: 2023
Date of release: 2023 06 02
Editor: Sebastian Christiansson
Record Label: KMR Studios
About Monday Monday Listen to their music
KMR Studios - Dolby Atmos

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