Mondy Monday

"We listened to a lot of vinyl growing up, both our own but also friends', and it was all kinds of music. Early on, all four of us felt a need - We needed to create and play music! We started on our own paths, in different bands, but found each other after several years.

Mondy Monday consists of the members Jan Wallmark, Fredrik Hagman, Hans Romare, and Magnus Olsson. Their sound can be described as a fine mixture of sorrow, melancholy, happiness, and nostalgia, framed in pop and rock.

The Band

From an early age, the love for music creation became clear for the members. After playing in different bands, they finally found each other and created Mondy Monday.

The magic of music is how it creates experiences for the listener but also the creator. One of the biggest memories for the members is an example of this. They had a gig in an apartment, and during the concert, a fire started out of nowhere. Everyone needed to get out! Luckily, no instruments were damaged, and neither were the people, so the concert could proceed.

Music & Inspiration

"We like to see Mondy Monday as a band that's not easy to put into a genre; it's more fun that way."

When Mondy Monday describes their music, they say it has influences of pop but avoids being confined to one genre due to their inspiration coming from many different directions and artists.

While listening to their music, you are struck by how it has an organic and nostalgic feeling, best described as happy melancholy. With catchy melodies and lyrics that make you think, it's the perfect music to have on the way to work, as a background during dinner, and for long travels on summer vacation!

Ambitions for the Future

"To play as a band, listen to how the drums and bass sound together, how we become a single unit - That's the best there is!"

For now, Mondy Monday wants to focus on creating more music before thinking about anything else. The most fun in music is writing songs, rehearsing, and making everything flow together in the studio. They also appreciate learning about techniques and engineering in production, and the songs that will be released during 2023 are songs that the band strongly believes in.

This leads to ambitions of spreading and influencing music today. With their multifaceted style of music, they want to "... create a change on the charts!"


Releases with KMR Studios