Nadja Eriksson Releases the Single “Didn’t You”

Artist Nadja Eriksson is releasing the single “Didn’t You” on December 8th. The song carries a meaningful message that evokes emotions in both the listener and the artist herself.

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An Important Story

The song “Didn’t You” was written by the artist based on thoughts about domestic violence, primarily questioning what drives some boys and men to use violence against those they love.

It also highlights the possible reasons behind violent behavior during upbringing, often invisible to others.

Songwriting and Expression

Addressing an important topic was something the artist appreciated, and she found the process of arranging the song positive, as she focused on a style she had not actively worked with or expressed before.

The artist describes the song as belonging to a timeless pop genre while feeling modern in its expression. The combination of these elements gives it a unique sound that, combined with the important message in the lyrics, captures the listener’s full attention.

Nadja Eriksson particularly likes that the song’s theme is always relevant and that it has “a great chorus.” She also found it a bit challenging but fun to record the song’s fast piano riffs.

Now she wants to share both the song’s lyrics and music, hoping to touch those who listen with the song’s narrative and meaningful message.

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