Nadja Eriksson

"The most enjoyable part of writing your own music is the creative process, from a small idea or melody in your head to the finished result."

A Musical Upbringing & Career

Nadja Eriksson has had a deep passion for music since she was a child and has been singing and playing music for as long as she can remember. It all started when she began playing a pedal organ at her foster home. Her foster father, who managed the pedals, helped her develop her piano-playing skills.
At the age of 6, Nadja began taking piano lessons from the village's organist, and around that time, she received her first piano. It was during her upbringing that she honed her musical skills, and her dream of performing on stage quickly grew.
In the early '90s, the artist was discovered by jazz pianist Rune Övferman, who released her first album of Swedish songs and chansons. It was called "Vid ett ensamt piano." During that time, she appeared on several radio and TV programs while performing at folk music festivals across the country and holding many concerts.

The Genre-Bending Music

With over 150 composed and arranged choir pieces, Nadja has also begun to write melodic pop songs with symphonic elements in her later years. The artist herself says that it's "exciting to explore other genres, and I find new avenues of development here." Describing Nadja Eriksson's music can be tricky, as she writes in various genres. However, a recurring theme is the symbiosis between lyrics and music, as she believes the two should complement each other.
Her earlier music is mainly influenced by schlager/pop and folk music, along with inspiration from French chanson. Her songs have evolved with influences from jazz, folk music, and even medieval music. Her upbringing with classical music is also evident in her choir compositions.

The Craftsmanship and Vision Ahead

Leading the creative process in music, from writing lyrics and music to arranging and producing, is something the artist is accustomed to. She values the ability to express herself and influence the overall musical work, from idea to finished recording.
Now, Nadja is focused on sharing her music even more and presenting her songs through live performances. Her dream is to hold concerts with both a band and a symphony orchestra.

Releases via KMR Studios