Only Jay

"I believe in music's ability to reach people on a deeper level.
I want to create music that has a purpose and that people can relate to."

Music as a way to express oneself

Songwriter and rap artist Only Jay sees music as an opportunity to express himself and show the world who he is. Drawing inspiration from poetry and personal life experiences, he writes relatable lyrics with deeper meanings. His music is filled with emotional expressions that captivate the listener's attention and take them on a journey through his thoughts and feelings.

Only Jay finds joy in the entire process of creating music, from writing the song to recording and mixing it. He finds it an exciting and enjoyable process to see how the song evolves and takes shape from start to finish. He remembers the first time he set foot in the studio and realized the possibilities he had to create really great music. We are happy and proud to be part of the process and follow his journey.

Dreams and Goals

Only Jay has a clear plan for how he wants to develop his artistic project and works hard to realize his visions. His current dream is to reach a wider audience and see his music top the charts nationwide. Following his debut with "En mot alla" (One Against All), and second single "PINKY PROMISE" Only Jay is releasing his third single on September 1st ,2023. The song is titled "SÄG MIG" (TELL ME) and it indicates that his future looks promising and exciting!

Releases of KMR Studios