The Hammerstones Release Sitting Bull

An emotional music experience awaits the music world as The Hammerstones releases their single, Sitting Bull. This unique song is carefully crafted to reflect the vulnerable life situation of Native Americans. The song’s powerful and gripping tone creates an emotional experience for the listener.

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Wanted to Write a Song About a Famous Native American Chief

About two years ago, The Hammerstones listened to the song Geronimo by The Shadows and were inspired to create a song about another famous Native American chief. Now, two years later, the song is ready. We asked The Hammerstones about the feeling in the studio during recording: “There was a great concentration and excitement among us musicians in the studio. Completing a song that I have devoted two years of work to was an amazing feeling. It was an incredibly fun and memorable moment when all the work and commitment finally resulted in a perfect song, Sitting Bull.”

The Story Conveyed Without Words

One thing we at KMR love is how the instrumental song manages to capture the feeling and convey the story through the music. The Hammerstones are very pleased with the accompaniment that lays the foundation for the song and gives it its character. We can’t help but agree.

Wants to Share Their Music with the Rest of the World

The Hammerstones are eagerly looking forward to releasing the single and sharing it with the rest of the world. The hope is that the song will reach and touch new listeners, and that they will feel the emotion that The Hammerstones had when they wrote it.


Music Production

Artist: The Hammerstones
Lyrics & Music: Tommy Hammarsten
Technician: Filip Killander – Production & Mastering
      Christopher Göthberg (Sonika Studio) – Mixing
Studio: KMR Studios – Mastering
   Nacka Studio & Sonika Studio – Recording, Mixing

Featured Musicians

Tommy Hammarsten: Lead Guitar
Filip Killander: Sound Producer, Programming
Martin Carlsson: Rhythm and Guitar
Andreas Sahlin: Bass
Per Olof Alm: Drums

Executive Production

Graphic Design: Filip Killander – Read more
Recording Year: 2023
Release Date: 2023 08 18
Editor: Ella Frick
Record Label: KMR Studios
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KMR Studios - Dolby Atmos

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