Genuine creativity mixed with talented musicians, Ranston has only just begun their musical journey, and we are excited to join them.

First steps in the music scene

Ranston took their first tentative steps into the musical world through their friends Kim Bergqvist and Nicholas Nieminen Jönsson. A shared dream of playing music together became a reality when the guys decided to fully pursue music after finishing school. They would soon join forces with other passionate individuals and form the band Ranston.

A strong musical commitment

The strong drive that unites the band members is rarely overlooked in their music. They are fueled by a common desire and passion to create music that feels raw, honest, and gets the heart racing for both the listeners and themselves. The band members often draw from shared influences from 60s, 70s, and 80s rock, soul, and blues, which they mix with their individual modern influences.

Vision and dreams for the future

Ranston engages in music because the alternative is simply unthinkable. The band dreams of touching the hearts of their listeners, of evoking emotions in people in a way that only music can. In 2022, Ranston finally releases their debut song through KMR Studios, and luckily, this is just the beginning!

Released via KMR Studios