Sandra Rozén

Sandra Rozén, born and raised in the beautiful town of Kungsör, is a dedicated songwriter and musician whose passion for music has shone brightly throughout her entire life. Her journey as a songwriter took off barely two years ago when an impulsive act - borrowing her parents' guitar and diving into writing and playing music - opened the door to a whole new world for her.

Songwriter and Artist

Sandra Rozén's journey into the world of music was born out of impulsiveness and innovation. "I was faced with job cuts when Covid-19 hit the world. I had a lot of thoughts and feelings, so my partner suggested I do something enjoyable for myself.". In that moment, a spark was lit, and Sandra's relationship with music would never be the same. With simplicity and courage, she decided one day to borrow her parents' guitar and let music become a natural extension of herself.

Music as Therapy and Exploration

For Sandra, music is not only a form of artistic expression but also a powerful source of therapy and self-exploration. "I use music as therapy and as a kind of musical diary throughout life, something I want to continue doing!" In the notepad and the harmony of the guitar, she finds a place for her thoughts and emotions to flourish. Through the flow of creativity, she explores life's nuances and lets melodies and lyrics take her on a journey of introspection and self-care. Her songs become windows to her inner world, where beautiful analogies and metaphors carry her emotions.

The Latest Chapter of Music

This journey of self-exploration and creativity has borne fruit in the form of her latest musical chapter. Sandra has released her second single with Mack Gibson, 'In Love's Alley,' in March 2023. This collaboration is not only a showcase of her musical talent but also a powerful reminder of what she represents in her art. Her music carries beautiful metaphors and an emotionally charged foundation, engaging and moving listeners. Through collaborations and creation, Sandra continues to push her journey forward and expand her musical impact on the world.

Sandra is currently releasing her upcoming single "Nights in September" on September 29, 2023! It's a beautiful declaration of love with lyrics that come straight from her heart. It's released through KMR Studios and is available in the futuristic format of Dolby Atmos!

Released via KMR Studios

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