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Sarah Mannheimer

Release: June 17, 2022


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On June 17, 2022, KMR Studios releases “Markers,” an EP featuring five songs written and performed by Sarah Mannheimer.

Sarah describes the EP as a reflection from the second half of life on the markers of existence. The lyrics touch upon close relationships that transform the core and the potential for healing in human connections. The songs also aim to mirror, as Sarah puts it, the vitality in what brings meaning to existence and the hope that arises when human courage to stand against oppression and injustice triumphs over indifference.

During the recording at KMR Studios, it became evident to Sarah how the lyrics and songs were interconnected as nuances of the foundation she stands upon, consisting of values and emotional bonds. Sarah describes the lyrics as markers in the flow of life, with decisive significance in how she has chosen to navigate her time on Earth and defining parts of her identity.

Emotions during the recordings and the conversations that arose in the studio around the lyrics became a reflection on the markers of life. Thus, the name of the EP emerged: Markers.

About The Oak Tree The song “The Oak Tree” is a love story about cornerstones and building blocks in long-term relationships. It explores the difficult and the simple, staying put and moving forward, the most delicate branches, and the deepest roots.

“The Oak Tree” is also a humble tribute to love and the framework of shifts and choices that its bonds can entail.

The collaboration and creation together with Filip in the studio have been an experience I could never have imagined. Spending many hours in a small cocoon together with a highly musical person, who is 100% dedicated to elevating and developing your music so that it reaches exactly where you want it to, in a mutually giving and taking manner, has been a joyous privilege. There are many memories and episodes to share from the creative process surrounding Markers; experiences, challenges, and personal growth. It would probably be enough material for an entire thesis!

– Sarah Mannheimer

Artist: Sarah Mannheimer
Lyrics & Music: Sarah Mannheimer
Vocals: Sarah Mannheimer
Instrumentation: Filip Killander (programming, guitar, piano, drums, bass, and backing vocals on “The Turn” and “White Owl”)
Producer: Filip Killander
Mix & Master: Filip Killander
Photo & Video: Sarah Mannheimer
Artwork: Filippa Bertilsson
Canvas: Sarah Mannheimer
Editor: Hila Stefansson
Publisher: Killander Music Records
Foto av Sarah Mannheimer

For Sarah, songwriting stems from a need rather than inspiration. She sees music as part of her expression and believes that without her own voice, it’s difficult to feel complete.

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