Sarah Mannheimer

Sarah Mannheimer released music for the first time in the summer of 2022, but music has been with her throughout her entire life.

Sarah has been writing lyrics in various forms for as long as she can remember. She wrote her first real song lyrics at the age of 16. Around the same time, and completely unplanned, Sarah bought her first guitar. The guitar became her companion, with writing and music serving as her map and compass during the journey into adulthood.

For Sarah, songwriting stems from a need rather than inspiration. She sees music as a part of her expression and believes that without her own voice, it is hard to feel complete. The melodies for her lyrics often come naturally and find their place among the words she writes. Sarah describes that inspiration can be found in the feeling of completeness when the lyrics and melody come together and the song is born.

The Bucket List

The path to Sarah's first release was not entirely straightforward. Armed with a bucket list and guided by the motto "you should not regret what you have done, only what you haven't done," Sarah entered KMR Studios with the songs that would later become the EP "Markers." The original idea was to record the songs and then put them back in the desk drawer, accessible to her children and perhaps grandchildren if they ever became curious about her musical expression. With support and inspiration from her producer, the idea evolved and culminated in taking the step outside her comfort zone and releasing the songs with KMR. Sarah explains that the songs have now become her contribution to the sea of music that surrounds us and has meant so much to her throughout her life.

Sarah on the joy of music and the creative process:

"The process of creating and writing music can encompass all emotions. Everything from deep pain and anxiety to joy and exuberant love. From the darkest black to the purest white and all shades in between. To be able to be in, or maybe even live in, the creation of music feels like a gift that I have returned to throughout my entire life."

Released via KMR Studios