Instagram has changed. The platform that was initially focused solely on images is now shifting more and more towards video. The question is, what should you now post to get a lot of views, likes, and followers? In this article, we will cover the latest updates on this topic!

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How to get followers on Instagram

Content Distribution

Reels and Regular Posts

Reels and regular posts should be your main focus. If you want to post a regular post, we recommend doing it in a “carousel” format (multiple images side by side in the same post), as this will make your followers stay longer on your post.

How often should you post? What has proven effective for rapid Instagram growth is being consistent and up-to-date. You should post at least a couple of times a week, but ideally every day!

Instagram has stated that video is the future of the platform, so you should focus on it even more. Currently, Instagram is competing with TikTok for attention, so you can easily get a lot of views on Reels.

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Stories are a perfect way to connect with your followers. Here, you can be personal and honest. Show a bit of “behind the scenes” and more about who you are. Post 3-5 stories per day, preferably spread throughout the day. This will make you more visible without being “spammy”, and will help you get followers on Instagram.

Check Your Statistics!

In the end, all accounts are different. If there is a post that gets a lot of views, post more similar content. If there is another post that gets very few views, don’t bother posting more of it. Keep an eye on your statistics and adapt!

If you want to learn more about how Instagram’s algorithm works, click here.


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