The Actress

"I want to be able to take memories, pain, ideas, anything, and weave them into something beautiful with words and melody."

The Burning Interest in Music

Singing and music have long been a significant part of The Actress's life, as she has always had a strong interest and commitment to theater, writing, dance, and all other creative pursuits. However, it wasn't until a few years ago when she started high school that she realized how much singing and songwriting meant to her as a creator and as a person. She believes that "What was previously more of a hobby became so much more. It became what kept me alive." Being able to write down all thoughts, feelings, ideas, and anxiety, and then turn it into something beautiful is exactly what she describes music gives her. She also shares that it becomes a "way to sing out, when there has been a scream inside me for so long." In addition to the musical aspect, The Actress has always been inspired by poetry, stories, and raw emotion. This is also what she wants her songs to remind the listener of, especially being able to be transported into a scene where a play or story unfolds around them. In other words, she wants her music to be descriptive and narrative, while also being honest in its expression. "I want to be able to take memories, pain, ideas, anything, and weave them into something beautiful with words and melody."

Musical Abilities and Hopes

One of the artist's great strengths is writing lyrics and simultaneously coming up with fitting melodies, but also being able to improvise something out of thin air when there's an inspiring accompaniment in the background. When she writes songs for herself, she can easily hear exactly how she wants the instruments in the background to sound. In other words, one could say that the artist's instruments are her own creativity and songwriting ability, along with a pitch-perfect and present voice. However, she herself believes that music often needs more than just a voice, which she is grateful that KMR Studios has been able to assist with. As for what will become the artist's debut single, she finds it exciting to see the song slowly but surely taking shape, "How small notes on paper one day fill a room." When it comes to reaching out to listeners with her music, it is most important to her that her songs have the opportunity to reach those who would appreciate the music and the message. She also looks forward to possibly starting to build a small following of listeners, which would serve as motivation to continue even more with her creativity.

Releases from KMR Studios