Cave Club Releases We Are So Beautiful

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of enchantment as the visionary artist, Cave Club unveils his first single – “We Are So Beautiful.” Release date is August 25, 2023! The song has been mixed, mastered, and released by KMR Studios. You can also listen to it in the futuristic Dolby Atmos format, which you can experience through platforms like Apple Music.

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Artist and Style

The promising and dynamic artist, Cave Club, is ready to capture the hearts of listeners with his single “We Are So Beautiful.” The song’s chorus came to Cave Club while working on another song, resulting in an inspiring moment that led to the creation of this energetic and unforgettable track.

With a perfect fusion of rock and pop, Cave Club has crafted a sound that immediately grabs the listeners’ attention. “We Are So Beautiful” is a song that makes you wake up, smile, and dance to its infectious rhythm. With a simple yet effective structure, the chorus immediately lodges itself in the listeners’ minds. The playfully simple guitar solo adds an extra dimension of charm and character to the song.

Creation of the Song

The recording of “We Are So Beautiful” has been an exciting journey for Cave Club, even though it was relatively straightforward. One of the challenges they encountered was adding harmonies for brass and vocals, which required precision and skill. However, in the final stages of production, Cave Club realized that they had captured the essence of a potential hit song.

Cave Club is now looking forward to sharing his latest music with the world and eagerly anticipating reactions from their fans and music enthusiasts everywhere. He is humble in the face of the opportunity to hear what people think of their latest musical creation and are ready to spread joy, excitement, and a genuine sense of pleasure through their music.


Music Production

Artist: Cave Club
Lyrics & Music: Jan Wallmark
Engineer: Jan Wallmark – Production, Sebastian Christiansson, Filip Killander – Mixing, Filip Killander – Mastering
Dolby Atmos Mix: Filip Killander, Sebastian Christiansson – Learn more
Studio: BRUM – Production, KMR Studios – Mixing & Mastering

Contributing Musicians

Jan Wallmark: Guitar & Vocals
Anders Hansson: Keyboard
Linus Hansson: Bass
Pär Hansson: Drums
Fredrik Hansson: Trumpet
Anders Hansson: Trombone
Hermann Hansson: Saxophone

Executive Production

Graphic Design: Henrik Wallmark, Filip Killander – Learn more
Recording Year: 2023
Release Date: 2023-08-25
Editor: Sebastian Christiansson
Record Label: KMR Studios
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