Tommy Hammarsten is back with ‘Johnny B Back’

The guitarist and singer Tommy Hammarsten releases his latest single ‘Johnny B. Back’! A song with a delightful rock ‘n’ roll sound.

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Johnny B Back and the Song Style

In the song, we hear the story of the rocking star Johnny, a character the artist based on someone he knew briefly. A fighter who “despite personal setbacks and drug abuse, never stopped playing and singing the music that he truly lived to perform on stage.” Johnny is described in the song as a wild person on stage with possibly not the best sense of consequences, but he goes on as he feels. Our rock star thus encounters some trouble. However, he always comes back on his feet, and a part of the lyrics fittingly states: “Johnny had his hard times but he got to keep on rockin’.”

The song has a consistent feel of Rock ‘n’ Roll, evident in both the lyrics and the vocals, but especially through the music and its stylish rock riffs. The electric guitar plays a clear and central role in ‘Johnny B Back’ and is the instrument that truly propels the musical expression. Thanks to the precise rock tones, the listener can feel and experience Johnny’s journey in a lively way. The vocals also have the right feeling, with the prominent slapback delay truly bringing the ears and thoughts to the classic and nostalgic rock ‘n’ roll style.

The Artist’s Thoughts on the Song

Producing the song ‘Johnny B Back,’ Tommy Hammarsten explains, was a process that took time, especially when it came to recording the music and all the guitar sounds. Getting that right feeling in the strike of the strings is not a straightforward art, but something the artist eventually succeeded in, as heard in the end result. One element he particularly likes in the song is the two-part solos, along with a bass line inspired by early rock ‘n’ roll.

Tommy himself found the process of writing and recording the song both interesting and enjoyable. By now, he has a solid experience and sense for executing musical productions like this. Finally completing the recording, mixing, and mastering of the song also felt very satisfying.

What the artist now hopes for is to reach as many people as possible who can listen to the song. The fact that the song will spread joy with its rock ‘n’ roll feel is something we in the studio are particularly confident about!


Artist: Tommy Hammarsten
Text & Music: Tommy Hammarsten

Mixing: Christopher Göthberg
Mastering: Filip Killander

Recording: Sonika Studio
Mixing: Sonika Studio
Mastering: KMR Studios
Year of recording: 2023

Tommy Hammarsten: Song and guitar

Martin Carlsson: Sologuitar                                                                                                                                                Magnus Gillander: Drums                                                                                                                                    Christopher Göthberg: Keyboard

Executive production
Graphic Design: Erik Almqvist
Editor: Erik Almqvist
Release: KMR Studios, 2024 02 16

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Mixed and Mastered in Dolby Atmos

This production has been mixed and mastered in Dolby Atmos. KMR Studios is one of the few studios in Sweden that's actually certified by Dolby. This means that both the studio room and the technician working on the music meet international high standards.

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