ACOUSTIC VIBES – Hotel Botanika

On October 1st, we are excited to present our recurring live event, Acoustic Vibes, at Hotel Botanika in Uppsala!

This is an event where we aim to create a delightful atmosphere with music from our beloved artists in a cozy setting. The premiere was held at Hotel Botanika’s venue in central Uppsala, and it was a very successful event that met the expectations of both the artists and the audience. We will start at 7:00 PM and continue until 10:00 PM. We hope to see you there!

These artists will perform at Acoustic Vibes on October 1, 2022!


Daniel Petersson & Catarina Molarin

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Alva Fährlin

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What does Acoustic Vibes offer?

The Network

Talented artists and a great atmosphere attract music enthusiasts. Acoustic Vibes is a perfect place to meet active individuals in the music industry while enjoying live music.

Sound and Video/Photography

We at KMR Studios are on-site to ensure that everything sounds, looks, and feels great. We also take photos and videos to capture each event.

Good Vibes

Live music, pleasant company, good food, and drinks are things that people rarely say no to. Acoustic Vibes offers just that and welcomes everyone to join.

Are you a business or an individual looking for live music solutions?

We offer assistance in finding the right troubadour or band for your event. Our services include sound equipment, as well as opportunities to help with the marketing of your upcoming event. If you own a restaurant and want a great atmosphere in your establishment, you can choose between piano or guitar (or both). We also make sure to bring the sound equipment that’s best suited for your venue.

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