Gamla Uppsala Church in Dolby Atmos

During the production of the single “Va Dig Själv” with hip-hop artist Mujinga, we went to Gamla Uppsala Church. With us, we had a bunch of microphones with the aim of capturing the choir Bella Donnas beautiful voices in a way that allowed us to convey the experience in Dolby Atmos.

fältinspelning gamla uppsala kyrka KMR Studios

KMR Studios Experience with Dolby Atmos

Working in Dolby Atmos is fun and endlessly creative. The development of using the format is advancing rapidly, and at the forefront in Sweden is KMR Studios. It’s no coincidence as it has been our ambition since 2021. Over 100 approved music projects in Atmos in the last year alone have taught us a lot. Not only the workflow of mixing in atmos, but also how to optimize the recording to provide the best conditions for the atmospheric experience of the music. We are also deeply involved in understanding the artist’s and fans’ experience of the final product. This has given us a unique overview of the entire workflow when comparing us to other certified atmos studios.

Are you curious about Dolby Atmos? Don’t hesitate to read more on our website or contact us for a meeting.

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Gamla Uppsala Church in Dolby Atmos

During the production of the single "Va Dig Själv" with [...]

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