Savannah Strand

"The best thing about music is that there are no boundaries or rules on what you can create. You're allowed to be entirely creative, and there are no restrictions."

Been musical since childhood

Music has been a constant presence in Savannah Strand's life and upbringing. Her father was part of a hip-hop group during her childhood, and the home studio in the closet became a place where Savannah spent a lot of time. Singing and writing her own songs quickly became a significant interest for Savannah, and she started writing her own songs at the age of 6, which she then recorded in her father's studio.

Inspiration and Sound

For Savannah, songwriting and lyrics are at the core of her music creation. Her lyrics are based on events in her life, often drawing inspiration from various relationships. These lyrics can also be told from the perspective of a character in a movie or book, where she describes it as an interpretation of someone else's emotions.
A particularly strong memory from her songwriting is when she wrote a song about her stepmother after her passing. She believes that she "got the chance to say all the things I didn't get to say to her in that song and has since looked at music creation with entirely different eyes."
Savannah's music has clear elements of pop, as she primarily listens to pop music herself. A pop beat is something she likes to enhance her songs with. Creating music that she wants to dance and sing to continuously is what drives her the most. Similarly, the boundlessness and creativity in making music are what Savannah appreciates the most, as she believes there are no limits to what one can create.
Savannah's dream and ambition for the future as an artist are to produce a debut album with accompanying music videos and then perform her own music. Currently, Savannah has is releasing her new single "Heart To Heart"!
Released via KMR Studios