Suddenly it happens – you try to write a song but can’t come up with anything. It’s completely empty! In this article, we at KMR present 51 song ideas for when you’re stuck!

51 song ideas for when you’re stuck


1 – Love at first sight
2 – Falling in love at a bar/club
3 – Lottery, that you were lucky to meet a certain person
4 – First date
5 – An intense/hot night
6 – A love letter
7 – You fell in love when you didn’t want to
8 – You’ve fallen for someone you shouldn’t be in love with
9 – Falling in love with a friend
10 – About the love for a pet
11 – “I would die if you disappeared”

Unrequited Love

12 – Loving someone who doesn’t love you back
13 – Someone broke up with you
14 – You broke up with someone but regret it
15 – You love someone who loves someone else
16 – Someone lied to you
17 – You lied to someone
18 – You finally broke up with someone and you’re extremely happy
19 – Someone cheated on you


20 – You want someone to hate you for everything you’ve done to them
21 – You hate someone for everything they’ve done to you
22 – “Who gave you the right to hate me?”
23 – “You’re number one on my hate list”
24 – You hate someone you don’t know
25 – Talking shit about someone/sharing all the faults someone has

Personal Matters

26 – Having no money
27 – Desire to become rich
28 – Your biggest dream, what you want to do in life
29 – Your hometown and what it means to you
30 – Desire to love oneself but finding it difficult
31 – Unable to stop comparing oneself to others
32 – Feeling lost, not knowing where one is heading
33 – A trauma you have
34 – Do I deserve to be alone?
35 – 
Not caring about anything
36 – A friend/family member you miss
37 – If it were your last day on earth, what you would do
38 – Taking life lightly, everything will be fine again


39 – Something that happened in your childhood
40 – Something that happened to a friend
41 – Someone who is misunderstood
42 – Someone who has lost themselves (to drugs, alcohol, or another person)
43 – Your worst day ever
44 – Your best day ever
45 – A wild night out
46 – Your daily routine
47 – A road trip
48 – A story about a criminal
49 – A parent admitting something
50 – A parent’s advice to their child
51 – 10 reasons why… (I love you, I hate you, etc.)


If you’ve read these 51 song ideas for when you’re stuck but still have difficulty writing songs, there are other strategies to combat this issue. In this article we provide you with concrete tips on how to overcome writer’s block!

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