How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Most songwriters and lyricists come to a point where the creativity stops flowing and it feels like there’s nothing to write about. No words come out on paper.

There are many different reasons why writer’s block can occur – performance anxiety or lack of inspiration are two classic examples. In this article, we will not delve into why writer’s block happens, but we will give you practical tips on how to overcome it.

8 Tips to Cure Writer’s Block

  1. Write something – anything! You can copy another text, write down the lyrics to your favorite song, or write nonsense that pops up in your head. The important thing is to get started.
  2. Do something else. Be in the present moment and do something completely different. Take a walk in the forest or meet friends, do something where you are fully present. Then come back to your workspace and try again.
  3. Exercise. Go for a run or do some squats. Get your heart rate up! Physical activity stimulates the brain and thus creativity.
  4. Read others’ texts! Look through quotes and poems. It could be that a specific poem or word sparks your inspiration again.
  5. Get inspired by other creative branches: movies, books, or different music styles.
  6. Relax. Have a cup of coffee or tea and take a break. Caffeine also helps stimulate the brain.
  7. Have a beer! We don’t recommend getting drunk in the studio, but a beer can help you loosen up any barriers you’ve set up for yourself and your songwriting.
  8. Collaborate! We strongly believe in this. If you’re stuck, seek help. Write songs together with others and discuss what you want to express. This often sets everything in motion!

Are you still having difficulty writing songs? Here’s an extra tip! Choose a clear theme or start with a clear structure of how you should write.

In this article, we have listed 51 different song ideas to help you get started with your song.

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