How to Become a Better Songwriter – Part 2

The million-dollar question that all artists and songwriters want an answer to: How do you become a better songwriter? In this article series, we will go through many different tips we have gathered from experienced songwriters to try to answer that very question!

Tips for all songwriters

Analyze good songs

Which songs do you like, and what kind of songs do you want to create? Analyze similar songs that you think are good and learn from them. Here are some examples of what you can look at:

  • How is the song structured?
  • Are there only instrumental parts in the song?
  • Which instruments/sounds are in focus (prominent in the mix)?
  • Which instruments/sounds are present in the song but not in focus (background in the mix)?
  • What chords are used in the song? Does the artist change chords frequently or infrequently?
  • Read the lyrics of the song. How do the verses differ from the choruses? How is the lyrics written (common/uncommon words, rhymes/non-rhymes, and so on)?
  • Is there anything specific you can draw inspiration from?

Songs for the listener

Good songwriters have the listener in mind. If you write songs about something that has happened to you, ask yourself how the listener can relate to it. What words do your listeners/target audience use? If you’re targeting an older audience, maybe you shouldn’t use too much slang, for example.

Build structure in the chaos

Depending on the genre you’re writing in, there are different conventions you can choose to adhere to or not. How long is the typical intro? Do you include the song title in the chorus? How do you build intensity in the song? What chord progressions are common?

The listener is used to and expects songs to be structured in certain ways (even if they may not be aware of it). By building your songs based on what the listener likes, you’ll improve the chances of the listener enjoying your songs.

Don’t get caught up in details
The most important thing isn’t in the details. Finish the song, don’t overthink it, and move on to the next one. If you’re an independent artist who doesn’t work with a record label, this is especially important. Get your songs out there! Let the world hear what you’ve created instead of constantly trying to make the song a little better. There is no perfect song!

Do you want to continue evolving as a songwriter?
In part 3, we will talk more about why it’s so important to finish songs, when you should take breaks from music, routines and habits, and why variation is crucial.

Read more about it here. 

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