Dolby Atmos Workshop in Uppsala

In collaboration with Dolby, Msonic, Avid, and Genelec, KMR Studios invited technicians to participate in a workshop. This workshop was held in Hall 3 at Nordisk Film Bio in Uppsala. The focus was on educating and developing local music technicians in the Dolby Atmos format. Both studio owners certified to work in Atmos as well as home studio owners using binaural/spatial audio participated.
The workshop at the cinema was conducted by David Ziegler from Dolby, Marcus Bergqvist from Msonic, and Filip Killander from KMR Studios. All three shared their experiences and insights from their respective perspectives on working with the Dolby Atmos format.

dolby atmos workshop I uppsala

A Success for the Community

The significant interest in such a technical subject was very exciting. At KMR Studios, we interpret the curiosity of technicians as a sign of a paradigm shift. The shift will mean a greater focus on immersive listening experiences, and it’s coming faster than many might think. The expression “development has never been this fast but will never be this slow” reflects our view of Dolby Atmos in music technology.

This ambitious workshop was held before our big event later that evening, “The Dolby Atmos (Music) Experience.” In the audience there were technicians and artists. Moreover, many participants had no connections to the participating companies, technicians, or artists. We see this as clear signs that things are evolving faster than many guessed they would.

To say the least, it’s exciting.

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