Killander Music Records (KMR) made a major investment last fall. After this, the company received an influx of exciting new collaborations and offers. One of these was a request for an interview from Sveriges Kompositörer och Textförfattare (SKAP) (Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers, and Authors).

The interview was conducted with KMR’s CEO, Filip Killander. In SKAP’s interview with Filip Killander, the KMR CEO explains the idea behind this ambitious investment and shares his thoughts on the future. 2022 has been the year when KMR has experienced significant growth and expansion in several areas. One of the biggest changes was the move to the new premises in the heart of Uppsala, just a stone’s throw away from Uppsala Cathedral.

The new premises offer artists and creators two different studio rooms. Studio A, designed with the help of Dolby is the biggest studio room. It is also certified as one of the few Dolby Atmos studios in Sweden (Uppsala’s first!).

The article also tells the story of how Filip’s career and previous experiences have contributed to the success of KMR Studios.

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Dolby Atmos

At Uppsala-based KMR Studios, sparks are flying with exponential development. Certified by Dolby as Uppsala’s first Dolby Atmos studio, they offer a range of new services. These include interviews, lectures, and a range of new services – now also for filmmakers and record labels. At KMR, creators can receive assistance with recording, post-production, mixing, and mastering in Dolby Atmos. Record labels can receive support in modernizing their artists’ catalogs. Contact them today for more information!

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