How Does TikTok’s Algorithm Work?

With completely different algorithms than other social media platforms, TikTok has changed the game. It’s no longer about having the most followers, likes, and comments. You don’t need to be a pro with an expensive camera. The one who creates the best videos that capture users’ interest wins. In this article, we will explain how TikTok’s algorithm works and how you can maximize your chances of going viral.


The Algorithm: What’s Important!

TikTok’s only concern is keeping as many users on the platform for as long as possible. Therefore, the algorithm values how long users watch your video more than the level of engagement (likes, comments, and shares) your video receives. If you can make most people stay and watch your entire video, it’s highly likely to go viral.

Next, the algorithm prioritizes the level of engagement your video receives. TikTok aims to have a platform where many people interact. The order of importance for engagement is similar to other social media platforms:

1: Shares

2: Comments

3: Likes

In short, the algorithm favors the videos that most people seem to enjoy.

KMR’s Tips to Make a Video Go Viral

If you want to kickstart your music career, as many people as possible need to know who you are and hear your music. TikTok is the tool that can make this happen!

“Hooks” – Capture the Viewer’s Interest Right Away
To make people behind their phones stop and watch your video, you need a strong “hook.” There are different ways to grab attention, such as asking a question (which you then answer in the video), quick movements, or an unusual/controversial statement. You’ll have to experiment to see what works for you.

Since TikTok chooses to display content that they know keeps users on the platform, trends work very well. Look at what others are doing. What kind of videos are getting a lot of views right now? Do the same!
The same applies to different sounds. Is there a specific sound/song trending on TikTok? Use that sound to get more views.

Short and Fast-Paced Videos
Use short videos where a lot is happening. Speak quickly, have many scene changes, and so on. This is likely to result in users watching your entire video.

Learn more about how to create viral videos here.

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