How to Become a Better Songwriter – Part 1

The million-dollar question that all artists and songwriters want an answer to: How do you become a better songwriter? In this article series, we will go through many different tips we have gathered from experienced songwriters to try to answer that very question!

Tips for songwriters

Write, write, write!

We start with the most obvious tip to become a better songwriter, and that is to write a lot of songs. Quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality, but it’s like exercising at the gym. The more you do it, the better you become. Write often, whether you feel like it or not! As Ed Sheeran has said – write a song every day. You need to get all the bad songs out before the good ones come!

Set goals and routines

What do you want to achieve? Do you want to write songs for the world’s biggest artists? Do you want to become an artist yourself? We want to set goals and clear guidelines to know which direction we want to go in. After this, we can establish routines that we follow every week to develop and get closer to the goal. If you want to write classical music, you may need to practice playing the piano more. If you want to be the next Avicii, you may need to practice producing on the computer more.

Collaborate with others

As psychologists say, you become like those you surround yourself with. Sit in rooms with more experienced songwriters to challenge yourself and your way of writing songs. If you often work with songwriters who push you to improve instead of always having to move the songs forward yourself, you will develop quickly.

Grow through feedback

Regardless of the level you’re at, feedback is important. It’s crucial that the person giving feedback is 100% honest; otherwise, it means nothing. We don’t want feedback that only boosts our egos. Play your songs for family, friends, and colleagues in the industry. Based on feedback, you can see more clearly what you need to improve and what you already do very well. There are also online forums where you can submit your songs for feedback from professionals.

Do you want to become a better songwriter?

In part 2, we will talk more about why you should analyze songs, build structure in the chaos, not get caught up in details, and which songs are actually for the listener. Read more about it here.

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