How to Become a Better Songwriter – Part 3

What makes a songwriter truly great? Is it talent? Hard work? In this article series, we’ll go through tips from experienced songwriters to help you answer the question of how to become a better songwriter!

Tips for Songwriters

Finish your songs

Many people find the first part, creating a demo, the most enjoyable. The part of songwriting where you get to be creative. There are too many songwriters who have 1000 great demos on their computer but none that ever get finished. Get into the habit of completing your songs. Learning the basics of mixing and mastering can do a lot for your development. Maybe you’ll realize that you always use too many tracks in your productions. Maybe you’ll learn how to work with high/low frequencies. Finish your songs!

Take breaks from your music

As you know, it’s easy to get absorbed in a song. Sometimes it’s good to step away from the studio and do something else. Leave the song alone for a while. Many artists and songwriters talk about how important this is. Do something different and come back with fresh ears.

Routines and habits

You don’t want to rely on luck to create a good song. Instead, you want to make it a habit to write good songs. By pushing yourself just a little bit, you can do this by writing songs even when you don’t feel like it. Through routines and habits that work for you, you can optimize your chances of creating great songs. This looks different for everyone. Here are a few examples of situations where you should review your routines and habits:

  • How you capture ideas. Do you use voice memos, notes, or something else? Have you organized them?
  • When you practice an instrument. Is there anything that can distract you? How and what do you practice (scales, chords, songs, etc.)?
  • In the studio. What do you need to do to get into the flow?

Mix it up!

Try to use and create songs with different chord progressions, melodies, and rhythms. A good songwriter can vary and deliver exactly what the artist wants. 

Overcome writer’s block

Are you stuck? Maybe you’ve hit a writer’s block? Then you need to find ways to get past it quickly. Because you can’t become a better songwriter if you’re not writing any songs. You can read more about our tips for overcoming writer’s block here.

Our final tip

In the end, it’s about dedicating enough time to what’s important and continuing to be curious. Do you have what it takes to put in 10,000+ hours?

This was the final part of our series “How to Become a Better Songwriter.” Haven’t read parts 1 and 2 yet?

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