Tant Knas

"I write for myself and I always hope to feel that I primarily make music for the love of writing and music itself."

Tant Knas and creativity

Tant Knas, the singer and artist, is the creative alter ego of Sophie Rossi. With a sense of humor, childlike spirit, and a touch of madness, Tant Knas refers to herself as an amateur singer. However, with a background in classical singing and early dreams of a career in opera, the 58-year-old artist has finally completed her album "Är det bara jag?" ("Is It Just Me?").

The immense joy and love for music have always been present in Tant Knas's life. She describes creativity and creation as central aspects of her life, whether it's writing and recording an album, baking, or cooking. Creativity takes center stage in everything she does.

Music that entertains and makes us think

Tant Knas's music is a blend of bitterness and humor. Human relationships and observations about life take center stage in a delightful mix of serious messages and lyrics written with self-distance and a twinkle in the eye. Tant Knas refuses to be confined to a single genre. She freely mixes genres, drawing inspiration from various corners of the world. This results in a mix where everything from 50s rock to techno rap finds its place.

The future

In March 2022, Tant Knas finally released her long-awaited album "Är det bara jag?" through KMR Studios. The album features seven songs written over the course of twenty years and recorded in the fall of 2021. It is a highly anticipated album that has finally reached its audience.

Released via KMR Studios