Heléne Hellmon

Heléne Hellmon is, as she describes herself, a singing emotional person.

A Singing Emotional Person

Heléne Hellmon has always had a great interest in writing and singing. She describes her music as a blend of various genres, but the foundation lies in the singer-songwriter genre. The lyrics are at the forefront, and by creating her own personal songs, Heléne feels that she can deeply express her emotions while creatively narrating her touching stories.

From Choir to Songwriting

Heléne began singing in a choir around 2016 and has since developed rapidly. The journey from a soloist in a choir setting to writing her own songs and composing her own music has happened in just a few years. She dreamed of singing when she was young, but life got in the way, and it would be many years before she finally embraced her passion and took to the stage for real again. In 2018, Heléne organized a concert with the themes of humanity, democracy, and openness. This was her first extended solo performance, and since then, her desire to release her own music has only grown stronger. In 2019, she made her debut with us at KMR Studios with the song "En sista vinkning," a song she wrote for her father.

Finding the First Words

When we asked Heléne what she enjoys most about creating music, she said that she enjoys the entire process, but especially starting a project or, as Heléne put it, "creating an embryo." For her, this moment is full of creative joy and incredible energy. Finding the first words, building the story, and giving life to the emotions are like opening a door to a world of possibilities.

Future Plans

One of Heléne's goals with music is to never stop creating, and she is always looking for new ways to express herself and her thoughts. She remembers when she released her first song and the tremendous response she received. It was a powerful feeling that she wants to hold onto.

Heléne has been with us at KMR Studios since the beginning, which is incredibly exciting. Heléne's drive to write and release music means that we have a lot to look forward to in the future.

Released via KMR Studios

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