Memories in the Dark

"We quickly discovered that we musically complemented each other, like two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together."

Background of Memories in the Dark

Memories in the Dark is a group consisting of two experienced and stylish musicians and producers, who together form an interesting duo with a distinct and unique musical expression. One member of the group, Björn Einarsson, was curious to start creating music early in life and took piano lessons as a child, where he quickly found satisfaction in composing melodies on the piano at home. Inspired by artists like Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, the synth-pop group Ratata, and early 80s disco music, Björn began making his own music with a similar feel, initially using a Jupiter-4 synth and a TR-505 drum machine. Björn's focus was primarily instrumental music, with film music particularly as an ideal, and he has been fascinated by the sounds and moods created by different instruments, which form the basis and inspiration for his own music. Many different musical themes have emerged in Björn's various music productions, but initially without a greater ambition to release anything. However, with the collaboration in Memories in the Dark, the motivation to arrange and produce music became even stronger, this time with the aim of being able to release the final result. The other member of Memories in the Dark, Cyrille Harmant, has also been musically active for much of his life. Cyrille was also inspired by Jean-Michel Jarre, as well as names like Depeche Mode and The Smiths. Jazz is a genre that has greatly influenced him, such as the Norwegian saxophonist Jan Garbarek and pianist Keith Jarrett. The list of artists who have influenced him is long. In 1982, Cyrille was greatly inspired when he met a schoolmate who, at the age of twelve, had already become an award-winning musician. This led Cyrille to start making music, initially with the first synthesizers and home studio equipment that came on the market. A few years later, he started his first synth band with a classmate from high school and a singer from the Montmartre area of Paris. In the same building where Cyrille lived, there was a well-known jazz musician who became curious about "that boy" and encouraged him to continue making music because he thought Cyrille had "The Blue Note." This encouraged Cyrille to continue playing music despite life's ups and downs. He later became the frontman for a band that he also plays live with, where he is a songwriter, singer, and saxophonist.

The Sound and Successful Collaboration

Both Björn and Cyrille have had a burning interest in music since childhood and have long dreamed of creating atmospheric music, which is something they are now doing. It is particularly evident that they are both inspired by the act of creation itself, and creating together, where they can express their inner state of mind while realizing a musical vision. When Björn and Cyrille entered Björn's studio together in December 2020, a musical journey began that took three years and resulted in the album "1984." The duo discovered here that they musically complemented each other, like two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. Cyrille's insight into people's emotional relationships, and the drive to express impressions in empathetic song lyrics, became one of the hallmarks of their music. Björn's melodic harmonies with sounds from the 80s and 90s built around Cyrille's vocals, together with Cyrille's atmospheric saxophone, create the distinctive sound that characterizes Memories In The Dark. Their music is therefore an effective synthesis of emotional drama, electronic pulse, and empathetic lyrics. Björn's and Cyrille's dream is that as many people as possible will listen to their music and, at the same time, be inspired by them, and through the motivation this gives them, continue to develop as songwriters and musicians.

Releaser via KMR Studios