Annica Kronbäck

With a taste that transcends the boundaries of various genres, Annica Kronbäck creates music to express her thoughts and emotions.

An outlet for thoughts and emotions

Annica Kronbäck started playing the piano at the age of four, and even then she began playing music in her own way. The four-year-old Annica started playing by ear instead of the notes given to her by the piano teacher. The same determination, creativity, and drive to play and make music the way she wants has accompanied her throughout her life. Annica's music creation is based on pure feeling and a strong desire to express herself, both in song and in lyrics. After her first piano lessons at the age of four, Annica Kronbäck has taken singing lessons, played in bands, and performed on stage multiple times. Annica enjoys performing on stage by herself, but in recent years, she has also started writing music that other artists and musicians sing and perform. She has extensive experience collaborating with talented musicians and loves making music together with others.

Free from genre

Annica doesn't want to label herself or her music into a specific category, and her previous releases showcase music that floats between different genres. Music that inspires and means a lot to Annica includes 80s rock, with bands and artists like AC/DC, Journey, and Bryan Adams leading the way. But Swedish singers like Melissa Horn and Lars Winnerbäck are also significant sources of inspiration for her. For Annica, it's important to constantly remind herself to live in the present and enjoy life as it is now, but she also dreams of reaching even more people with her music. Time and the limited hours in a day are the only things stopping her from working even harder and producing music at an even higher pace than she already does. Annica's songs have been streamed by thousands of listeners on streaming platforms, and her music has been picked up multiple times on various radio stations across the country. In early 2023, Annica surpassed 1 million streams on Spotify alone.

Released via KMR Studios

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