Dennis Schlömer

"My name is Dennis, and I'm 24 years old. I have been writing music for almost three years now, and I finally feel that it's time to showcase my lyrics and music to the world. As a songwriter and lyricist, I mainly write about my own experiences, moments, and love. I believe that the deeper you delve into yourself, the better the music becomes because it becomes honest. Truly honest.

Writing music is like therapy; you first step into your own bubble and then step out of it to reveal the most personal aspects to the world. That's the beautiful charm of music, in my opinion – to share, to invite people in, and maybe along the way, you can help someone with your lyrics. My goal with music is to make people feel emotions! When they hear my music, it should resonate within their bodies.

My biggest inspiration is Petter Alexis, the greatest! He has explored all forms of hip hop/rap and continues to expand his repertoire every year. He's one of those artists who has spent the longest time in the hip-hop scene and keeps evolving while consistently delivering fresh new lyrics. Big up to him for over 20 years on the stage!"

Dennis is a 24-year-old artist and songwriter who has been creating music for nearly three years. He believes in the power of honest expression and draws inspiration from his personal experiences, emotions, and love. For him, writing music is a form of therapy, a way to delve deep into himself and then share his most personal thoughts and feelings with the world. Dennis's goal is to make people feel emotions through his music, leaving a lasting impact. He finds inspiration in Petter Alexis, an influential artist in the hip-hop scene, who has continually evolved his craft and delivered fresh lyrics over his extensive career. Dennis aspires to touch people's hearts and create a connection with his audience through his music, just like his inspirations have done for him.

Released via KMR Studios