The group TRE consists of Kalle Larsson (rap), Christopher Witte (production), and Martin Nilsson (vocals).

TRE is not a story about three childhood friends who have followed each other through life. The three guys are rather an unexpected constellation, whose bond is formed by their musical symbiosis and experimental sound. TRE's music springs from something pure and genuine, rather than rehashes and perfectionism. They are not afraid to experiment and happily incorporate everything from beautiful piano melodies to heavy bass lines and experimental house melodies into their songs.

TRE describes their music creation as "a soup made by three eager chefs," but what an incredible soup it is! Drawing inspiration from artists like Oskar Linnros, Tjuvjakt, Petter, and Daniel Adams-Ray, TRE creates melodic music that feels genuine. The music is born out of strong emotions, and it is not uncommon for the guys to have to fight tooth and nail for their ideas. And it is precisely this that makes their sound what it is—a whirlwind of madness, enthusiasm, and unique talents that together form TRE.

Released via KMR Studios