Mackish is an artist and songwriter based in Uppsala, Sweden. For Mackish, it is the lyrics and songwriting that have been at the center of his creative expression, where his philosophical and poetic expressions are a central part of his music creation. Music has been a part of Mackish's life since he began studying music in school at the age of 12.

Mackish's heart lies in writing, where some texts work best as poems while others become songs. It is the songwriting that is his great passion and the dream for his future music creation. Personally, Mackish listens to a lot of 80s music, but he prefers not to label the music he creates.

Mackish works hard to continue evolving in music and wants to grow into more roles beyond creating lyrics and melodies. When asked what he hopes people feel when they listen to his music, he said he wants people to feel an unfiltered openness and receptivity to their own and others' emotions.

In October 2021, Mackish is releasing his first track with us at KMR Studios, the song "For Your Love." Listen and absorb!

Released via KMR Studios