Stefan Olovsson

"I write for myself and I always hope to feel that I primarily make music for the love of writing and music itself.

Found music through his dad's vinyl records

Stefan Olovsson's music can best be described as folk/americana with a focus on lyrics infused with a distinct sense of melancholy. The inspiration for his songwriting often comes during times when Stefan is feeling down, which is reflected in his lyrics. Through his music, he captures and conveys the deeper emotions and experiences in life, touching listeners on a personal level.

While growing up Stefan listened to the wonderful music of the '50s and '60s, particularly within the folk and country genres. "My dad had a whole room filled with vinyl records that played constantly in our home and shaped my musical taste."

Started writing songs for himself

Stefan began writing songs, but not with the intention of reaching others or having anyone hear the songs. "Writing became a form of therapy for me, a way to process and explore my thoughts and emotions. Over time, I realized that my music can touch and reach others." We at KMR are extremely pleased to be able to experience his music.

When we asked Stefan what he finds most enjoyable about creating music, he replied, "I love the creative process and the sense of accomplishment I feel when a song is finished or recorded. It's an incredible feeling to see how the song transforms and takes shape in the studio, from the stage where I sat at home on the couch with my guitar and wrote. It's exciting to see how the music evolves when different elements and arrangements are added." We couldn't agree more.

Plans for the future

When Stefan writes music, it is primarily for his own sake. He feels a strong passion and love for the act of writing and music itself, and he always hopes to maintain that feeling. He hopes that his listeners finds support and a glimmer of hope in his music. Regardless of what the future holds, the most important thing for Stefan is to follow his heart and enjoy the music. 

Released via KMR Studios