Terese Bååth

"My wish with the music is to make every person feel good about themselves, because that's where everything begins."

The Artist's Inspiration for Music Creation

As an artist and songwriter, the melodious and emotionally expressive Terese Bååth is inspired by everything that happens to her in life, always writing her music from her own perspective. The artist would describe her music as emotional and warm, but also hopeful and positive. This is because she always wants to return to joy and always has that goal in mind when going through a difficult period in life, which also influences the feeling in her music.

Terese talks about what drives her creative process: "Initially, it's often about something that i'm processing, then suddenly it becomes a song about what I've experienced, something I can relate to." She also believes that songs can teach her things and can make her feel good again, which is what she really likes about music.

Above all, writing and singing songs for herself is something that makes her feel good: "It gives me the opportunity to express something that feels heavy or difficult to talk about, something I can create, listen to, and then feel good about."

The Importance of Music in Life

Terese's strongest memories of music are all the times she has sung and written songs with other people she cares about. It's those moments that have made her truly want to continue with music, "I want to experience such moments over and over again." She also finds it rewarding to get to know people through creativity, which she describes as an experience in itself, turning into memories for life.

Collaborating with KMR Studios in particular is something the artist has especially appreciated, as she says: "I felt like I could just be myself there all the time, it felt so good!"

Her wish with her music is to make every person feel good about themselves, "because that's where everything begins." She believes that when you feel good, it will hopefully spread and be picked up by someone else who wants to feel good, which is what she hopes her songs can be there for. It's also the main reason she wants to distribute her works on radio and other platforms.

She concludes by saying, "I want my songs to be there for the person who wants to find themselves again but may need help getting there. Then I hope that the lyrics and songs can be a help along the way."

Releaser via KMR Studios